BFT Engineering is a leading provider of precision engineering solutions for the sub sea sector. Founded in 1966, the company has established itself as a market leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-quality sub sea equipment and components.

Excellence in precision engineering

Over the years, BFT Engineering has earned a reputation for excellence in precision engineering, leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise to deliver innovative and reliable solutions to its clients. The company's commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency has made it a trusted partner for some of the world's leading subsea operators, providing them with the tools they need to operate safely and effectively in the most challenging environments.

BFT Engineering's precision engineering capabilities are unmatched in the subsea sector. The company has invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and technology, including CNC machines, 3D printing, and CAD software, to deliver products and services that meet the highest standards of accuracy and precision.

BFT Engineering's expertise in materials science and metallurgy allows it to develop products that are resistant to corrosion, erosion, and other forms of wear and tear, ensuring long-term performance and reliability in harsh subsea environments.

Experience in the sector

BFT Engineering's precision engineering experience in the subsea sector is the result of its commitment to quality, innovation, and client relationships. The company's state-of-the-art precision engineering capabilities, rigorous quality control processes, and ability to develop innovative solutions have made it a trusted partner for some of the world's leading subsea operators.

BFT Engineering's success in the subsea sector is a testament to the value of precision engineering in this industry. Precision engineering is essential for developing subsea equipment and components that can withstand the extreme conditions of subsea environments, ensuring safe and effective operations.

BFT Engineering's precision engineering capabilities have helped to advance the subsea sector, providing operators with the tools they need to explore and operate in this challenging environment.


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Quality control processes

At BFT Engineering, quality is a top priority. The company's precision engineering capabilities are supported by rigorous quality control procedures that ensure that every product and service meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

BFT Engineering's quality control processes include material testing, dimensional analysis, and performance testing, among others. The company's experienced quality control team uses advanced testing equipment and software to verify the accuracy, durability, and performance of every product before it is delivered to the client.

Innovative solutions

One of the key factors that set BFT Engineering apart in the subsea sector is its ability to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges. The company's experienced engineering team is skilled in identifying opportunities for improvement and developing creative solutions that meet the specific needs of its clients.

BFT Engineering's innovative solutions have helped its clients to improve safety, efficiency, and performance in subsea operations. For example, the company's subsea control systems are designed to provide operators with real-time data on subsea equipment and conditions, allowing them to make informed decisions and take immediate action in response to changing conditions.